The Mission of the Never Forget Your Own Incorporated (or N.F.Y.O. Inc.) is to motivate, educate and prevent loss of life for our military veterans and homeless veterans suffering from PTSD and other mental disorders through community outreach, advocacy and public service.

We Accomplish This Mission By:

Educating- Compile, develop, and distribute accurate and current information on military veteran suicides and homeless veterans.

Raising Awareness- Publicize military veterans’ suicides, homelessness and its effect on the surrounding community.

Community Outreach- Encourage community involvement of developing strategies that will reduce suicide rates, homelessness and suicidal behaviors among military veterans.

Provide a neutral, judgment free environment- Develop an atmosphere where military veterans are not subjected to judgment, bias and ridicule due to their mental disorders. Never Forget Your Own Incorporated uses your tax deductible donations to help our veterans reclaim their dignity. By diligently working with our community, local, State and Federal leaders we will develop a plan of action and laws that can produce significant results and help our military veterans get the much needed assistance and mental healthcare they deserve. 


We believe that those that stood up for us, should not stand alone. Never Forget Your Own Incorporated envisions a society where our military veterans who suffer from mental disorders, will never choose suicide as a solution. A society where no person that has served this great country is reduced to living in squalor, become homeless, or contemplates suicide.

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