1st Annual Matthew Lauck College Scholarship Lennox, SD



Ist Annual Matthew Lauck College Scholarship winner Jessica J. Symens, her mother Mrs. Symens and N.F.Y.O. Incorporated's Founder Ryan J. Turner. Lennox High School, in Lennox, SD May 7, 2018.

Adjusting to civilian life after service in the military is one of the first difficult things that a veteran will experience, especially one with PTSD. The government and local community leaders should do all they can to make this transition as easy as possible. The government would have the greatest role out of the two and should start a readjustment program for all military personnel that has been discharged from the military.

For veterans with PTSD, the government would help them enroll in programs with other veterans suffering from the same diagnosis. One topic that the readjustment program would cover is careers and employment. This would help them prepare for entering the workforce and they would be given assistance in creating a resume. There would also be mock interviews to give them experience for the real thing.

Another thing that this program would do is assist the veterans in applying for benefits and services from the Department of Veterans Affairs. This would allow any of their questions to be answered and it would ensure that the process is as painless as possible. Local and community leaders may have a small job, but it is still of the same importance.

The leaders could host an event for veterans where they can share information on techniques that have helped them successfully transition to civilian life. Another important thing that the community and local leaders could do is host a job fair. This would allow the veterans to find jobs more easily and they can ask any questions about the applications or how to apply.

I would recommend that the government increase their spending on healthcare and benefits for veterans by cutting spending on something else. They should fund counseling sessions for those veterans that need it and promote and advertise the PTSD hotline to make sure that everyone who needs it knows about it. Another thing that the government could do is finance service pets as part of the budget plan. These pets could come from animal shelters and rescues. This would benefit both animals and veterans.

The government should also help pay for any type of medical treatment that the veteran got from serving in the military to prevent them from being swallowed in debt. Spending on research for new drugs and programs should also be increased to ensure that veterans are getting the best care possible.

Community and local leaders should implement group counseling for all veterans who need it and to encourage attendance a free meal or babysitting for their children should be offered. The community could also hold fundraisers to finance these programs or have the money go directly to helping veterans with debt or medical problems. The leaders should also host events for veterans to attend where they could have fun and hang out with others who have similar experiences as them.

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