2nd Annual Jamison Mandile College Scholarship

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! Another school year has come and gone and NFYO Incorporated has awarded another lucky student with a $500.00 college scholarship. Thank you to all of the participants, East Rochester High School, the wonderful and supportive staff, The Jamison Mandile Family, Mr. Ron Chiccino, and Abigail Weltman for allowing us to keep his memory alive. We wish you the best of luck in the future.


Abigail Weltman accepts the 2nd Annual Jamison Mandile College Scholarship from Mrs. Janet Mandile and Mr. Ron Chiccino during East Rochester High School award ceremony on June 5, 2019.


Mrs. Janet Mandile (Jamison’s Mom) takes a photo with Abigail Weltman the winner of the 2nd Annual Jamison Mandile NFYO Incorporated College Scholarship on June 5,2019.


Veteran and friend of Jamison Mandile, Mr. Ron Chiccino takes a moment to congratulate and pose with NFYO Incorporated College Scholarship winner Abigail Weltman.

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