Never Forget Your Own Incorporateds' History

Never Forget Your Own Incorporated established in 2016 in response to an overwhelming amount of military veteran suicides. While reading the news reports, Founder Ryan J. Turner, discovered a pattern amongst the veterans who committed suicide.  He noticed that there were several recurring factors:

Most of the veterans with mental health issues were turned away.

The appointments for them to see a mental health care professional was 60 or 90 days out.

They were given outdated or obsolete information.

Medication refills were either halted or prolonged due to various reasons.

Some veterans were or are still fighting for their benefits.

Ryan having dealt with these issues as well, decided enough was enough and knew that something needed to be done. He understood what military veterans were going through because he himself is a military veteran. Born in Dell Rapids, South Dakota in 1979 Ryan grew up in a small town, where caring for your neighbors and friends are instilled in the moral fiber of this small community. 

During his junior year of high school, Ryan knew he wanted to make a difference. Wanting to follow in his maternal grandfathers’ footsteps, he decided to enlist full time active duty as a 13B cannon crew member ("Red Leg").  As an active duty soldier, Ryan was stationed at numerous military installations such as Fort Carson, Fort Sill, Fort Lewis and Fort Riley.

While at Fort Carson, Ryan deployed to Iraq to help support “Operation Iraqi Freedom”. It was there that Ryan saw combat that changed him and his outlook on life. After he returned from Operation Iraqi Freedom, Ryan was then DA Selected for Recruiting Duty. He was assigned to the Atlanta Recruiting Battalion, where he excelled and earned the coveted Glen E. Morale Recruiting Award.

After his recruiting duty was completed, he was assigned to Fort Bliss, Texas which would be his last duty station. Ryan was assigned to HQ 2/29 FA. Ryan excelled during this time and was inducted into the prestigious Audie Murphy Non Commissioned Officers Club. 

This award is given to Non Commissioned Officers (NCO) who’s leadership and performance merit special recognition. As if the demands of his military commitment wasn’t enough, Ryan also graduated with a MS in Environmental Policy. During his assignment with  2/29 FA, Ryan once again was deployed to Iraq. Unfortunately, while participating in this deployment he sustained an injury to his shoulder.

After returning home he was then sent to the WTU (Warrior Transitioning Unit) which then sent him to his final military unit Alpha 2/3 FA. Ryan was assigned as the Training Room NCO. His duties included preparing soldiers for pre and post war training regiments as well as ensuring soldiers remained current on all qualifications (First Aid, PT Test, Drivers Training, Weapons Qualifications, etc.). 

Ryan was medically and honorably discharged on June 25, 2012.  In his spare time Ryan enjoys fishing, spending time with his family, golfing and playing video games.

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