This space is reserved for those who want to tell their story! This is a safe, judgment free space! Your story maybe the one story that stops a veteran from taking his/or her life or motivates a homeless veteran to ask for help! Please leave your stories below!! Remember one good deed a day makes the world a better place!



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Words from the Founder Ryan J. Turner

“You are not a failure. LIFE is one of the most difficult things we face everyday. We have to find ways to make it work, it doesn’t come with step by step instructions. Instead, we have to find ways to navigate it, and figure it out along the way. But while we’re figuring LIFE out, we are sometimes dealt a very crappy hand and we have to figure out what we need to do in order to live it the way we want to. But don’t quit! Those days maybe hard, the sun may not shine, BUT DON’T GIVE UP!! You may even find yourself alone on this journey of LIFE, BUT DON’T GIVE UP!!! Just know that I will walk with you, I love you , I’m pulling for you , and I'm proud of you"!

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Don't Give UP!! It gets better...

Hello all! I just want to share my story in hopes of encouraging any one else going through something and wanting to give up. I was in the Army for 3 years, I got out at Fort Hood and 5 months later I met my kids father.

From the beginning I saw signs that I needed to just leave but I stayed. I know some of that has to do with Iraq and some things I went through out there. I couldn't help but stay I couldn't leave him alone (never leave a fallen comrade). He said he needed me so I stayed it didn't help that I was in love and accepted every excuse he had.

2 1/2 years of getting hit to getting beat down my blood everywhere. I did not wakeup from that nightmare until I got pregnant and had our first child. She was 6 months old and he beat me up in front of her because he didn't like my attitude it was then that I realized I couldn't let her grow up seeing that. I went to a shelter pregnant and with an infant talked to the VA and I was in luck because they had HUD VASH vouchers available I was in a shelter for 2 months before I got my own place.

I moved into my apartment with nothing but me and my kids. No phone, no car, no money, but eventually I got on my feet paying all my own bills. I got the car, the cell phone, a roof over me and my kids head and soon to be attending nursing school. I don't wanna take away from the focus of me sharing my story, but God helped me climb outta hell and without the VA I wouldn't have a place to live. I wouldn't have my self esteem back. I feel stronger with how I bounced back and I only hope I can inspire anyone else going through it to hold on and don't give up. Thanks everyone for your time and best of luck!!

- Submitted by Anonymous 14 Feb 2017

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In my Time of Need...

Remember that You Are Not Alone!!

To the brothers and sisters out there who are having a hard time and need help with anything or just need someone to talk to, please go to this organization. 

Never Forget Your Own Inc., it's founder Ryan, and a few other people, were dedicated enough to the Brother and Sisterhood to come and drive many hours to my home and sacrifice their time and money and give me diapers and wipes and all sorts of different food for my family and when we were in a time of need. These brothers drove from near and far to help me with anything that I needed and they didn't even know me . I asked them why they did it and they said "it's because we're veterans, we are a family and we need to stick together". 

Please brothers and sisters, if you're feeling alone or you're scared or you don't know who to turn to, always remember that there's someone out there who will listen to you no matter what and all you have to do is just ask for help and it will be given in one form or another. 

Tonight I received help from complete strangers but when I spoke to these complete strangers it was like we had been friends and family for years and years and they asked for nothing in return so always remember guys that help is there. You're not alone and you're not a failure. Ask and you shall receive. Always keep your head up and remember that we are in this together. 

I love you guys and stay strong!

- Submitted by A Fellow Veteran 5 March 2017

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